24 hours Berlin 女子優勝達成: Leonia Van Den Haak選手

Leoine V.D. Haak選手
Leoine V.D. Haak選手
24 hours Berlin
24 hours Berlin

 オランダ在住の”Leonia V.D. Haak ”さんがドイツ24時間走で220キロを超えて見事に女子優勝となりました。



I woke up in the middle of the night, my shirt was wet from all the sweat. I try to move but everything hurts. I look at the clock and see that I did the same only 18 minutes ago. This process repeats itself the whole night through. Outside I hear fireworks and honking cars. Germany has just won the Football World Cup and people are celebrating on the streets. I actually enjoy this strange insomnia after a Personal record of 221.446km at the 24 hour race in Berlin.

I have trained a whole year to finish Sakura Michi Nature Run in April of this year. Unfortunately I had to drop out after 118km in the cold, dark night. The end of a dream, what should I do now?! I decided when I got back home from Japan that I would not train on a schedule, but just run when I felt like it. I had trained very hard in the past year and I needed a little break. A week after returning from Tokyo I ran a marathon in Amsterdam. I finished first woman in a new PR of 3:18:08 in the pouring rain and wind. I was very happy with this time especially because I did not train and ate a lot of sushi, tempura and drank lots of Kirin and Sapporo beer in Japan.

One week later I ran another race. This was a 50km race called Eemmeerloop and it was warm and sunny weather. My legs were still stiff from the marathon last week but I managed to win the race and run another PR of 4:13. As a reward I got a huge cake. I was feeling happy again and enjoyed my training runs. I decided to try a 100km race in Amsterdam and see if I could finish within 9 hours. The race went so well I finished in 8;28:05 and that's actually the fastest time in the Netherlands. It was also the 5th PR of this year.

I felt really well and decided to run a 6 hour race a few weeks later. Usually I start my races very easy and I finish fast. This time I started way too fast and halfway throgh I felt really bad. I did manage to keep running however and ran almost 70km in 6 hours. Another 1st place and another PR. With 2 more weeks to go I did 1 more race before the 24 hours in Berlin: a 12 hour race in Belgium. The start was at 22.00 at night and I started easy and hoped to run 120-125km. After 12 hours I crossed the finishline as the first runner with 131.42km, another Dutch record and another PR. It was a great race.

After 7 PRs this year and 2 National Records my boyfriend and me went to Berlin last Friday. We arrived after 8 hours of driving and we looked for a nice restaurant to eat some pizza before the race. We stayed in a nice hotel and I was looking forward to the 24 hour race. The start was at 12 on Saturday and my plan was to run 10km per hour for as long as possible. Of course I went too fast at the beginning, and after 12 hours I ran 125km. The night was cold and the course was 1km long. My legs started feeling sore after 12 hours and I really wanted to keep on running, so I tried.

The bends on the course were always to the right and my right hip started to hurt a lot, just like my knees. I tried to keep on running but had to walk for a little while and eat some chocolate, bananas, pretzels and drink some tea with honey. I was the 1st woman in the race but the 2nd woman was walking besides me and didn't feel too well either. We walked a few rounds together and after a while we started running again.

I tried to keep on running until 5AM, when the sun came up. Then another hour, then 5 rounds and some food and drinks, then another 5 rounds. I looked like a penguin and I almost fell asleep but I managed to keep on going until the finish after 24 hours. I ran another PR with 221.446km and am very happy with it. It has been a great running year after Sakura Michi Nature Run. I really hope to go back and finish Sakura Michi one day, but the rest of the year I will not run so many races until 2015. Thank you for your support, I am happy to be part of Team the Horizon. I look forward to meeting you again in Japan.