Jingu Gaien 24 hour challenge 2015

Team the Horizon, update

Jingu Gaien 24 hour challenge 2015,  December 19th to 20th, Japan, Tokyo

After a dismal performance at the 24 hour world championchips in Torino, Italy in April, a respectable 11th rank at the Spartathlon in 27:17:26 hours for the 245,30 km route in September, Takayoshi Shigemi managed finally to run to glory at this year’s Jingu Gaien 24 hour challenge at Toyko prefecture.

Another example that Japanese athletes, especially male ones, seem to be able to perform at their full potential only on home turf.

Shigemi-san ran 251,66 km to finish first in ice cold conditions.

Taking it easy at the first half, preserving energy, he slowly stepped up from rank 33 to finally become number one.

And as after Spartathlon, Shigemi-san could barely walk after the race, making use of a wheelchair, nevertheless happy of course and taking pictures with the major of Urugi village, Nagano prefecture, his sponsor and for which he acts as a proud representative.

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